Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

So, this is my FAVORITE anniversary to celebrate every year- it's the one I celebrate with my dear, sweet husband! Today marks 12 years since I walked down the aisle and looked into his clear, blue eyes and said, "Yes, I, do."... forever. When we married we did not sign a contract, but a covenant between ourselves and God.

I love Terry more than most people can ever comprehend- even those who believe they know me well, more than those who think they know me best. I would say only the smallest of the smallest core has a clue how truly much I love this man and why. They know how special he is to me and to our little family. He is steadfast, a true man of God. One to be honored and respected. And, I do. I could write a large novel, so thick the pages would be difficult to turn of what he has meant and done and stood for in his own life (when no one was looking), for me (when he thought I didn't know), for his children, and for his friends (even when it was so very difficult)... and he would do it again.

I hope that the rest of our marriage continues to be as amazing as the first 12, and with Terry walking this adventure of life with me... how could it not?

(the card? it's nice... )




Terry said...

It's very humbling to read comments like that, I do appreciate them. But when you are married to a wife and mother like Kristin, it's not that hard to be a good husband and father. She brings out things in me that help make the man she described. I only hope I have played as much a part in helping her be who she is as she has done for me.

Thank for an incredible 12 years Kristin.

I love you.


Jaspere said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Cute card too.

Cheryl Walker said...

Congratulations hun on your 12 years!!!!

I was just reading the comment your dear hubby left, and that is very sweet!

Love your card tooo, and the one in your last post as well!!!

Congrats again hun!!


Angie Williams said...

Hope you had a very special day together!

The Raders said...

Oh my goodness, I think I might cry. You two are so sweet. You've given a great picture of your love for each other. God has blessed you greatly with a wonderful marriage with many, many years to come. Love you guys!

specialcraftmom4 said...

Congratulations on 12 years! It will be our 12 year Anniversary this December of our covenant marriage. The card is also very lovely.

Tina said...

Happy Aniversary! Your card is just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hey people.Congrats on your milestone.We will be married 24 years in January and are still quite happy together...getting to be old ducks now though!

and yeah...the card is nice!