Saturday, October 25, 2014

October PTI Blog Hop

First the first time in years I had time to participate in the monthly blog hop for PTI!  I made a Christmas card for my daughter to give to one of her friends.

I used this color combination from the challenge:
And I used this sketch from back in April 2014 (Inspiration cards):
This is my card using Winter Penguin & Wonderful Words: Snow:


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Final Post SAF 2014

Here's a picture of all the cards I made on Saturday!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Time After Time SAF 2014

For the last challenge we were to find one of our 1st cards and then "remake" it with our current style.  I have been scrapbooking since about Junior High.  However, I wasn't introduced to stamping until around the birth of my DD and she turns 8 yo this fall.  I believe that within the first year to 18months I tried my hand at card making.  I started this blog in May 2008 and these are the first cards I posted.  The only way I had to get it online was to scan it.
Extremely cringe worthy!

This is my remake.  

I do believe I have improved and changed my style :).  I am sure we ALL have, right?


Retro Rainbows SAF 2014

Since knowing the details of SAF, I have looked forward to the 80's challenge more than any other.  A special treat within each challenge has been music specifically within that time period.  I have *LOVED* the music chosen for this time period!  Also, we originally were told to pull out any 80's stickers if we had them.  Well I did purge (a big one) about 3 years ago when setting up my craft room.  However, those orange stripes... HELLO 1980's stickers!!!  :)

Stencil Layers SAF 2014

So I love 60's music but I'm not sure about my 60's card.  

Card Corsage SAF 2014

This was super cute.  My 7 yo DD has already claimed it for her room.  I made the corsage "sit" in a green vase because I thought it looked prettier (and I didn't have a pin back).

Rhinestone Designs SAF 2014

I really enjoyed this one but I have no idea who I could give this card  to in my life.  I'll need to pay attention to some friends and decide who would really LOVE to get a "blingy" card :).  
The papers, the stamps, the techniques in this one I really loved.  I think besides the 80's I was looking forward to the 20's the most.  (And I've loved the music too!).

Needlepoint Elegance SAF 2014

This was definitely the *most* labor intensive challenge so far for me.  I haven't cross-stitched since I got married (maybe?) which has been 17 years.  I really enjoyed it but it took a long time.  I knew what I was going to do once I watched the video (I had even picked my thread last night after looking over the colors in the kit!).  

Antique Embossing SAF 2014

So far this technique has been my favorite.  I really enjoyed the technique, the materials, and the finished project.  I will definitely use this one again!

Wax Seals 2014

The Renaissance challenge was amazing.  I did not choose a colored velvet material (it was close to Vintage Cream) so the Velvet Stamping technique didn't show up (even though it did work).

I loved this wax seal technique though and will enjoy showing it to the kids!  

Roman Mosaics SAF 2014

Our first "time travel" challenge was Ancient Rome.  I chose the mosaic challenge first.  The fresco challenge seemed too *challenging* this early in the morning.  I was concerned I would damage my stamping surface/supplies because I am still pretty sleepy.

But I love this mosaic tile look!  I chose her 3rd card to CASE with only a couple of changes.  I used sponging and a different stamped image & sentiment.  This was my favorite paper that came with the kit and it really reminded me of Lovely Layers so I knew if I could work that into a card together I was going to try!


Morning Timer Challenge

Bright and early this morning our first challenge was to pick a color scheme & a sketch and make a card in 20 minutes (according to Nicole's blog this morning).  I had prepicked (and sorted, cut card bases) my stamps all ahead of time.  I was able to pick my choices out quick and easy and my card was done in well under 10 minutes. (That must be a record for me!) I used Maile's tip on folding up and using scrap printer paper which saved me because I wouldn't have known that the flower would take up the entire side and need to be overlapped as much.  (Excellent tip Maile!).

This is the color scheme I chose:
This is the sketch I chose:

And here is my card:


Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Night Meet & Greet SAF 2014

I have my 2 boxes of supplies ready (not counting inks & blocks, etc).  I put them in time order and already cut out the card stock & panels.  Last year I felt like I was constantly gathering supplies around my craft room so I hope this makes things smoother & I'm able to make more cards and enjoy the videos and time spent crafting!


Gearing up for SAF 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PTI Anniversary "stripes" contest

I love making this card in a variety of colors and Watercolor Wonder is great for the "stripes" in my card.