Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PTI Blog Hop November 2015

I can't believe I am participating in the PTI Blog Hop again!  The picture was so beautiful and I used it to make a Christmas card for one of my son's teachers.

 Here is the inspiration photo:
And here is my card:


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wooden Bangles

My last project is the wooden bangles.  My first batch was a complete bust because I have a small wrist, and all of them were huge and so none would have fit my wrist or my 8 year old's.  I boiled the second batch on SAF after seeing Maile's video and put them inside our Disney World Disneybands!  It worked out great.  

My girl wanted us to be twinkies so we painted them silver and used more butterflies.  


Saturday, August 29, 2015

End of the day SAF 2015 projects (Red Carpet)

I'll still do the wooden bracelets and the runway inspiration challenge tomorrow, but except for reading the forums and looking at the blog I am done for the night.

(So, in my world it is tomorrow...)

Here is a picture of my girl wearing her necklace.  She loves it!


Stamped Stitches: Pins & Needles Challenge

We were supposed to use stamps that had the appearance of stitches.  I really don't have a lot of those.  But Button boutique is an older set I have and I thought I'd make a cute little "love note" for my husband who has had the kids all day (out of the house even!) while I crafted.  I used both of our favorite colors and embossed the stitch look and turned the patch die into a diagonal to look a little more interesting.


Stick Pins: Pins & Needles Challenge

So over the years I have learned I am a CAS stamper.  Hard on me because I REALLY love patterned paper (the scrapbooker in me, I guess), but when it comes to card making I have a hard time putting anything on the card.

I love the design time member who challenged us this time.  She has had some of the most interesting ones over the years.  I loved the pins she chose and I even broke out a favorite set that I rarely use (my mom got me into cross stitching when I was a kid and we did it together for years- she passed away 5 years ago so it was an easy buy for me).

I know exactly who this will go too, but she may read my blog so I can't say. I really enjoyed this one!


Unconventional Items Challenge SAF 2015

This challenge was to use unconventional items.  We could purchase up to $10 worth of items at a hardware store.  I just raided my husband's "never know box." Eventually I'd love that box to become extinct... but there's always something and sure enough... that box holds the *perfect* item.  Who knew it would include items for stamping??

I used the big gray circle on the right to stamp the background.  I found 4 of the silver hollow disks and used 2 of them on the car.  I have NO IDEA who I would ever give this card to... but it was fun! :)


Mixing Patterns: Mix & Match SAF 2015

The challenge for this hour was to take different patterned papers (think fabrics!) and mix & match them.  I don't do this well... at. all.  I can use patterned paper, but unless it is spelled out for me I can't mix different ones.