Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Night Meet & Greet SAF 2014

I have my 2 boxes of supplies ready (not counting inks & blocks, etc).  I put them in time order and already cut out the card stock & panels.  Last year I felt like I was constantly gathering supplies around my craft room so I hope this makes things smoother & I'm able to make more cards and enjoy the videos and time spent crafting!


Gearing up for SAF 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PTI Anniversary "stripes" contest

I love making this card in a variety of colors and Watercolor Wonder is great for the "stripes" in my card.



Saturday, August 24, 2013

SAF 2013 Sugar Coated Embellishments

I used Heather's example of coating an embellishment.  Now, I have a sweet card for my husband ready ... REALLY EARLY! Lol.


SAF 2013 Limited Challenge

I really enjoyed this challenge!


SAF 2013 Scent-sational cards

These are going to be the "lunch box" notes my kids open.  Both kids LOVE strawberries, but my daughter will love the top one- green & pink are her favorite colors (I used strawberry jello powder).  My son LIVES for hot cocoa! In fact, there is a tiny sentiment at the bottom that says "smile" on the front and I wrote on the inside how the first day of school marks one step closer to autumn and daily hot cooca in our house.  He will LOVE it!


SAF 2013 Gallon, Quart, Pint

I used an old PTI color combo I had for this challenge because I needed my other teacher card.  I am not as thrilled with this one, so I may do another.