Sunday, October 4, 2009

Introducing: A New card maker!

My young teenage niece has entered the wonderful world of cardmaking!! (I am happy to announce that this is her first card- or one of her firsts- and I am the happy recipient!).

For her birthday I not only gave her a little spending money to buy some of her own supplies, but gave her a lot of my own stash to start her off.

So, she sent me this card to say "Thank you"

(she even put her own "mark" on the back!)

I am sure she would LOVE to read what my blogging friends and sisters think of her card! She and my sister are regular readers of my blog :-).


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Kirstin said...

awesome!!! She did a great job and you must have been thrilled to get one of her firsts! I love that she has her own mark for the back already!

Michelle Forrest said...

What a great card!

Anonymous said...

Welcome welcome welcome young niece.....You are embarking on what will most likely be a life long passion!...(and off to a great start...great card!)

Cathleen said...

Oh how cute, I love the card your Niece made!

JazzyH said...

Welcome and great card!

Jennie said...

Woo~Hoo! Your niece did awesome!

Anonymous said...

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