Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Teacher cards

These are the cards I made for the other "specialty" teachers for my son. See if you can figure out who each card was meant for and I'll tell you who at the bottom. These had to be clean and simple because these were all done while under a lot of stress going on at home. But, I actually loved how they came out and thought my idea was really clever in the end.



The top cards are for PE teacher and Art.
The next two are for Spanish and Computer (think "Apple" haha).
The last was for Music (I couldn't find a music note, because they really sing at this age, but it was close enough??).
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Jennie said...

What great cards Kristin and very clever indeed!!!

Paige said...

Very clever cards indeed! I bet they loved them!

Anonymous said...

Oh very clever Kristin...Hope the recipients loved them too.

Michelle Forrest said...

Aren't you a clever girl! these came out fantastic!