Friday, September 17, 2010

"Small is the new Big" (says Tinkerbell)

Well, I finally caved and bought the Tinkerbell cricut cartridge. Walmart's are either not going to carry cricut products at all (like all the ones near me!!), or are going to carry the new Cricut Lite cartridges. So, all Walmarts are trying to get rid of their stock. I picked up the Tink cart for $20. That is such a great deal! Since my daughter STILL thinks Tink rules, I figure I'll get a few good uses out of it before it sits on my shelf unloved (and then sold??).

Anyway, I made this for an AWESOME girl who turned 6 in July. Can't believe my best friend's youngest is now 6. We are getting old! Ha! The image cut perfectly (except the eyes were so difficult to figure out!). Used a bit of leftover Tink paper from another layout for my daughter and the card was perfect!


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Paige said...

You can't go wrong with Disney characters! Cute card!

Michelle Forrest said...

OMGosh This is just adorable!