Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Butterflies and flowers

I was just playing around one day and this is what I came up with- not too shabby (yes, I do hear Adam Sandler in my head... if you don't get the reference just keep on going, lol). This is a little bit PTI (dies and felt), a little bit SU (dsp and cardstock), and a little bit CTMH (stamp). I figure when or if I decide the card will be given to someone I'll put a sentiment on it.

Right now, it appears plain and *blah* to me.

All you PTI fans who have listened to Erin's latest Radio Podcast... I'm asking for *real* constructive feedback...

What should I do to this card to make it better?? One thing, many things, trash it and start all over? :-)

Give me your suggestions and let's see what I can come up with this week on my days off for Spring break!

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Joyce said...

This is a very nice card. I would add something to the butterfly--perhaps some bling or dimension in the center, or on the edges of the wings? Or maybe some sort of swirly color on it, to match the bottom patterned paper color.

Jen said...

Definitely not the trash and start all over again type of card. I think there is real elegance in the "apparent " simplicity of it. I say apparent because I know how difficult it can be to not overdo a piece and leave it simply pristine. I'm not sure I have mastered that at all. To be honest, I don't think I would put a sentiment on it. To me, sometimes sentiments actually can detract from the wider art form aspect of card making and relegate it to just gorgeous greeting card status. I think when it is not earmarked, it can be framed and used as a bit of fab decor and taken on a wider appeal. I see this card as such. It inspires my thoughts to go to it as a beautiful building block/foundation for a really fabulous room. So all that to say is sometimes our creations take on different forms and that is okay. I for one love the dimension of the botanical background with the basket print matting on that darling butterly and it's clever jute antenae. I love it just the way it is. And to me, it is so much more than a well crafted card but a creation that inspires a whole lot more. Just my 2 cents.

Kay said...

First off, thanks a lot- I probably won't be able to get that song out of my head today now.
I'm not very good at the whole criticism thing, you just don't EVER want to insult anyone. That said, your card is quite pretty the way it is, but you're obviously not happy with it, or you wouldn't be asking for our opinions. : )
If it was me, I would stamp some text across the butterfly, or maybe even some double background stamping on it, such as text, and then a flourish. I would also ground the top layers with a strip of cardstock running either horizontally or vertically. (probably horizontally).
Still, like I said, it's a pretty card- the colors are great, as is the composition.
Hope that helps!

Tricia said...

I would try to do some stamp on the white circle behind the butterfly, if you have a stamp that does a cicrle boarder. Just create layers and I like the idea of something on the butterfly, bling or sewing a second butterfly on top of the first.

Danielle Therese Greenwood said...

Lovely card, I couldn't have said it better than Jen (such a sweetheart!) I have quite a few cards without sentiments... and some of them are my favorite.

Emily said...

I have a friend who would say your card needs a sentiment (she thinks ALL CARDS need sentiments), but if you look at my blog, you'll see I don't believe that....

What I think would help improve is some more "body" to your butterfly's body. Some gems, maybe (A big 5mm for the head, three 4mms for a body, and a little 3mm for a tail, if they all fit. Or just three the same size.) Or you could paper piece the center from some black CS or something. I think just that would really make the butterfly pop.

Inking with the chamomile from the tea dye duo (it's the lighter color) also seems to help elevate many of my projects because it gives just a hint of a shadow between patterned paper and a card base, so maybe you would have liked that on your DSP.

A ribbon behind your mat stacky shape would also give a little more grounding.

Still a cute card though-- I made something with a similar composition that I'll post one of these days (patterned paper, mat stack shape, centered image).

Kristin said...

Love all these ideas!! Helping the butterfly pop is perfect and Emily's last idea with the Chamomile ink is great. And I'm thinking you're all right... something behind it to ground it... what about the Embellishments die cuts?? or smaller cuts (flourish or not?). I do have a cricut so I can cut anything!

Keep them coming! :-)

steph said...

Beautiful card and I LOVE the color combination you chose! I would definitely add some interest to the butterfly like others have suggested, either a background or flourish or some pearls/rhinestones to create a butterfly "body". Good luck with it- I'm sure it'll be even more beautiful when you're finished!

Jill said...

I'm a little late to the party here, but I agree: Dress up the butterfly! Make it orange and stamp it with a background stamp or add glitter or run it through with an impression plate/embossing folder. Add pearls or bling to make a "body" I think that's all it needs!

Katie {choc0holic} said...

I'm clearly late in commenting on this post, but I'm trying to catch up! I love the bright spring-like nature of this card...I can't wait for the butterflies to start visiting my butterfly bush (but that time is still far off). Anyway...I agree with what others have said...I think the butterfly needs something to 'pop' it off the card more. Something stamped on it or a more distinct 'body' if that makes any sense! Thanks for sharing!