Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sending you get well wishes...

I am *the worst*... PTI has this great weekly feature called Make It Monday. Every week there is a neat video with a new, or different twist to an "old", technique. I usually can't play along till the weekend. Then, I have to take pictures, upload, and write the post.

Well, I love to make the cards and taking the pictures is no big deal. The rest... not so much fun :) (blog writing isn't bad- I *just* need the pictures!! lol).

So, we had to make a pocket with a decorative edge a few weeks ago and this is what I did. I used the reverse image of the simple circles border die. Different. Unique. But, I liked it.




Stephanie said...

Kristin this is such a cute card!!! Don't be so hard on yourself.....I can't tell you how many MIM's I've not done for sort of the same reason. The good thing is.....the videos are always there even after the drawing is over......and look what you've got to show for it. A beautiful pocket card! I love it!

Suzanne said...

Kristin, I haven't done a MIM in ages! Mostly because I don't have the right supplies for a lot of them, though this week's is okay. I love the colors on this card - the whole thing is just so pretty!

Jen Carter said...

Cute, cute card! What a fun pocket shape you created! The buttons are great too! I love that you double stacked them!