Monday, January 9, 2012

8 years ago...

Eight years ago today I became a mom... wow... the joy, wonder, and craziness that is held in that word. 

Hardest job ever- and this is from a woman who has 3 degrees, has started a professional department out of nothing, then left it to start a private practice out of nothing (and worked countless hours). 

And, it is the best job ever- and this is from someone who has seen a child hear for the first time, given a woman the ability to hear her child laugh for the first time, and cried with countless patients over the years as they heard leaves rustle and birds sing again. 

I pray with both my children... "Thank you God for letting me be your mom"  And that is such a true statement.




Sara Mac said...

Happy birthday to Jake! Time flies so quickly doesn't it? Love your post here Kristin. You always have such a wonderful and Godly perspective. I really like your fun card. That ledger paper is a great element.

Leigh said...

Wow, you have an amazing job, Kristin! But I agree, being a mom is the most difficult & most wonderful job in the world! Your card is great, as always!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card here, Kristin, it is perfect for your child I am sure! And I am sure you are a great mum to your kids.

Also, you're making me curious what job you do since I'm in a job limbo now... :(

Joyce said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful post. I can totally related, since I gave up a pretty high powered career 10 years ago to stay home with my girls. This is a wonderful card, and happy birthday to your son.