Friday, March 30, 2012

My 5yo's card for her friend

So, my little girl loves to craft with me. She is constantly asking to make a card or color with me. We have a great craft room "Dad" made so it is rare for me to say no :).  She is only 5 and we were very sad to learn one of her sweet friends was going to be moving far away.  This is the 2nd little friend who has moved away in a year.  I was not surprised at all when she said she wanted to make a card for her. :)

I pulled out all the "good" stamping stuff, plus a bunch of pretty paper (this is from Echo Park a couple of years ago??) and the GOOD card stock.  Emma also has her "own" stash that she went through.

And, I present... a card TOTALLY made by my daughter!!! The ONLY thing I did was teach her masking for the princess face and help her tie the knot!!! WOW.  She stamped, we used the cricut, and she knew how to push the buttons, she added the bling, she WATERCOLORED the princess!!! And, then she wrote the SWEETEST note to her little friend inside.  Enough to make me AND the mom of the little girl a little teary-eyed, "Bye Bye ....(insert name), You will always be my friend. Emma"

Love that girl!




Mariana said...

My 3 y.o. thinks is so so beautiful and shiny! What a perfect card for a friend, she is a very talented girl, with great eye for color!

carol (krillsister) said...

Lovely card. the image is so cute with the bling. Love the ribbon and paper.

Luanne said...

Wow! Teach em young!! She did a wonderful job with her pretty card! How nice you can create together ~ just cherish those moments!! :-)

Kim said...

What a beautiful card! I always loved the time my daughter and I would craft together, your daughter's card brought back so many wonderful memories for me. She did an incredible job and looking forward to seeing more of her work.

Jen Adcock said...

It's in the genes! Please tell your lovely daughter she has made an incredible card. So sweet!