Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas Nettie!

My best friend and her family (the hubbies are best friends as well), arrived on Monday to spend the week with us. We haven't seen them since December of last year. They have already left, and I'm ready to plan the next visit. Our kids all have a blast together and play so well that we can go quite a long time just talking and hanging out before anyone needs "Mom"...

I really hadn't planned to get anything for her, but the day before their arrival, I sat down and started quickly working on a project I saw on the scor-pal website. Even without a scor-pal you can do some of their projects.

This is a card caddy. I used Hot off the Press double sided cs I got off of HSN when I was on maternity leave 2 years ago. I still have so much left... I am so not hoarding anymore!!

I used my Doodlecharms cricut cart for the flower, CTMH garden green brads, and some "scrapbooking floss" I got at an LSS in Colleyville about 18 mos ago... that I have never touched! Again, no hoarding!

Inside I made her a few monogramed note cards that she can give to her college students, or girls in her bible studies. I made 2 different coordinating envelopes (since the cards were larger than normal). One of the envies had the pattern on the inside and 1 had the pattern on the outside.
Overall this was super easy and I was completely done within an hour and a half. Gotta love naptime!

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Stephanie said...

what a great set/gift!!!

Jaspere said...

You whipped up that little baby in a flash. I know she loved it. I love coordinated sets. What a great gift.

Maria said...

great gift idea!

Ilina Crouse said...

This is an awesome gift!!

Holly said...

What a nice gift Kristin! How nice that you are all such good friends and that your kids get along as well!

Anonymous said...

A lovely set...Hope she liked it! I love that ScorPal many interesting things to do on there and way not enough time to do them!

I so wish I could whip up something like that in a jiffy! Not as talented as you in that respect at all!

DaisyLisa said...

This looks awesome!