Monday, May 4, 2009

It's that wonderful time of the year again...

Every year at this time we celebrate birthdays (some grown-up... but mostly children), lots of anniversaries (we went to our 1st wedding in years, last year), graduations (not high school or college anymore, but grad school, nursing school, and med school), and babies... LOTS and LOTS of babies!! (although they are slowly tapering off just a bit- I think!).

Anyway, I have been so incredibly busy with my new practice over the last couple of months, but have been keeping an eye on the calendar (knowing that Mom's Day- we have 3 to celebrate- is thrown in that mix) and Dad's Day (again, I have 3 cards to make for that) rounds out the card craziness of May and June.

So, I went into card overdrive when I visited my dad and stepmom recently.

I'll start a bunch of posts this week. I've got the pics uploaded. I just need to write up quick notes about them and post them.



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