Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Card 2

I made this card for Terry's mom... I just hope it got through the mail okay! That bow (it took me about 4 or 5 tries!!) looks awesome (irl), but is pretty big and I worry that it will get mangled.

It is a quilt card made with paper scraps from a pp swap, image swap, and green grosgrain ribbon and green cs.

I stamped another Happy Mom's Day on the inside!




Jaspere said...

Oh my I just love the quited look on the top note die. Cute card too.

Stephanie said...

What a cute card and the bow is lovely and hope it got to her in good shape. I usually put a piece of packing tape over the envelope where my ribbons or anything bulky is.

Cheryl Walker said...

I love the look of this, and the dp!!! very pretty!!:)

Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards from this week Kristin!

I apologise for only commenting on the last...am squeezing some time whilst waiting to leave on our trip.

Tina said...

Sweet card! I love the quilt look on the top note!