Thursday, January 14, 2010

Batman birthday party

These are some of the things I did for my son's Batman Birthday party (all on the cricut- and WITHOUT the new Batman cartridge!!).

I did have the kids make a Jen del Muro crayola box as their craft - but turned it into a Batman candy box! (I'll upload pics soon) Kids were able to decorate it as they wanted to with Batman stickers (glitter Batman stickers for the girls!).

My husband did a lot of the work too in making the boxes for the Gotham City and in the 2nd picture that is Aquaman hanging (needing to be rescued) and the kids would rope the stick between the chairs w/ a Batman "batarang" and then they'd climp up that board to get rescue him.

I made his birthday card by taking his invitation and layering it on the cardstock I used for his party. (he loved it!!)


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Paige said...

what a lucky birthday boy to have such a great party planned!

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mum to do ALL of that for your son!

Michelle Forrest said...

Look at you go girlfriend!

Happy belated birthday Jake!

specialcraftmom4 said...

How creative!!!! I love your party ideas. I would love to see an example of your candy boxes. I have 4 parties to host this year for my children (: