Friday, January 22, 2010

Card Making Frenzy 2

This is my 2nd batch of cards from my card making frenzy. I was able to make so many by mass producing... measuring and cutting all the same pieces at the same time (whether with my trimmer or cricut for all the shapes), then doing all the stamping, and finally all the assembly with adhesives.

This was so easy and a lot of fun!



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specialcraftmom4 said...

Beautiful set of cards! Love this pretty paper (:

ilove2write said...

pretty cards! :)

Michelle Forrest said...

these are adorable!!! you are a total enabler! I should have known better than to ask you about the cricut! You are so good at spending my money LOL!


Cathleen said...

Wow! these are all so pretty, love the colors and paper!

Anonymous said...

I really do like this colour scheme!