Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who... me?

This morning, one of my "blogging sisters" Stephanie M. sent me a note to say that she was awarding my blog with this sweet award. She had some sweet things to say as well.

I am to link back to her (done!).

List 8 things about myself:

1. I have been crafting in some form or fashion since at least junior high (I have found my old scrapbooks and other things in old boxes over the last few years... very funny!).
2. I have owned my own private practice now for 2 1/2 years with a very close friend who also crafts. We tend to "feed" off of each other, although I think I enable her more than I should!
3. I have the very BEST husband in the world... truly.
4. I got the crazy idea late this year to learn how to sew. Even got a "home-ec" lesson on sewing from my best friend in Indiana. And, after one *teeny tiny* lesson she then had my hem one of her daughter's very cute capri pant legs!! So scary!
5. I have been stamping for 3 years... but found PTI strictly for the matching paper, inks, and ribbon initially.
6. Bought my first stamp set earlier this year... and shouldn't have... because now I want many many more :-).
7. Finally, after 3 years I have learned (or almost learned) what my stamping style is... so now I am in a desperate search to sell my CTMH and other stamp sets that do not fit that style.
8. I *love* my Cricut and Cuttlebug!

Whew. That was hard!

Okay, 3 blogs that should receive this same award...

Danielle at Au Claire de Lune
*First, this girl LOVES her cricut like I do!
*Second, this girl can enable me (and that is actually HARD to do!

Rose at Something You Occasions
*First, I just love things she does and want to CASE them!
*Second, the girl had a baby in Nov and kept on crafting! (that is a girl after my own heart!)

Cathleen at Crooked Card Creations
*well, once you see her site there won't be much else I need to say!

Check out these fab blogs!


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