Saturday, January 22, 2011


I really am still here and crafting up a storm! In fact, I have so many photos on my camera it is practically begging me to upload them, lol.

However, here is my secret... I made one teeny, tiny resolution this year (and I NEVER, EVER do that!). I am going to start submitting things to magazines!! In fact, I'm so shocked that I'm posting that here! It was going to be my little secret, but my poor blog has been neglected!

Many of you know the rules, some do not. Creations submitted to be published can't be posted anywhere online. So, all my pretty things just sit here until I *don't* hear from magazines... then you'll see them here!!

Or, when I realize "wow, that is a TERRIBLE card, layout, craft" and go ahead and let ya'll see it first! ha!

Have a great Saturday. Off to make the finger puppets with my kids that Nichole Heady showed off last week!




Paige said...

good luck with your card submissions! Let us know when you get published!

Angela Laurie said...

I wish you the best of luck! This is my goal too and it is very nerve racking. I love your cards.