Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thank you notes

Have you ever seen an idea that SO inspired you, that you stopped what you were doing and copied down the idea? Or maybe you wrote down where you saw it (the date/place)? Today's post is one of those *amazing ideas*... and I plan on using it again. In fact, I've already gotten feedback (from the grandparents who received the "thank you notes" below) that these were pretty AWESOME.

Have you EVER visited Mish's blog??

Okay, I hear a resounding *yes* from the PTI crowd who is reading this, but if you visit my blog and have NO idea who she is, you are SERIOUSLY missing out on some good stuff. (I'm serious, the woman blogs about crafty things AND how to put chocolate candy in cookies! I have made her recipes and they are GOOD!)

The idea is from this blog post here (she will explain it better-and shorter- than I will!).

My ds is 6 (almost 7!!) so he wrote his (and then signed his name in cursive... so proud of himself!) and my dd is 4 so I wrote hers and she signed her name. Then I wrote one from my dh and myself. These could be little treasured notes over the years as they grow up. I love it!



(all products PTI unless otherwise noted)
Thank you!
CS: Pure Poppy, Stamper's Select, Vintage Cream
DSP: SU Sending Love
Ink: SU Pretty in Pink
Other: notebook die; white velvet ribbon (unknown)

CS: Stamper's Select
PP: unknown (Mike's or HL)
Ink: Pure Poppy
Other: notebook die; white velvet ribbon (unknown)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,

I am baccckkk!!!!

Can I come to Wimbledon too??

Debbie Gaydos said...

Oh how sweet!! What a wonderful idea, and yours turned out great!

Sue Plote said...

So sweet, and such a great idea! I know the grandparents will love them. It's wonderful to see kids say "thank you" when they are blessed. Doesn't happen enough these days! You're awesome!

Denise said...

I very cute idea to have both notes together and I love the lines for the kids. Great job recreating Mish's inspiring idea for your own family!

Karen C. said...

Very cute idea Kristin. Such a personal touch to have a 'little' note from each family member.

Chris said...

I so agree. I felt the same when I read Mish's blog about those notes. Awesome idea, and good for you for acting on it! I have yet to do so!

I bet the gparents LOVED them. They are adorable!

Anne B said...

Great idea and those notes look fab. I love Mish's blog too - so much inspiration :)

Lorraine said...

This is such a cute idea. It's the personal touch that most love. Plus you can save it and look back on when they were little and what/how they wrote!

Stephanie said...

Adorable idea!!! I bet the grandparents will treasure it always!!! So very pretty, too!

Jill said...

Just wonderful, Kristin! These look precious, and they are such a great keepsake for the grandparents now, and the kids to look back on later!

Michelle Forrest said...

OMGosh! These are just too cute! And, yes, I have stopped everything to capture some great inspiration or project. Doesn't everyone?