Monday, February 9, 2009

Get better Grandpa!

This past weekend Terry went to visit his folks in OK. Last week Friday his dad was scheduled to have a quadruple bypass. While Terry's brothers could be there, Terry had to work mandatory overtime (and we'd just returned from my grandmother's funeral). So, Terry wanted to go back home now that his dad has gotten out of the hospital. (and, Praise God he only needed a triple bypass!!).

He asked for a card to give his Dad, but so the kids could color pictures inside (best of both worlds, right?).

I used our latest stamper's blog challenge for the inspiration (although, I am not entering the card in the contest since I couldn't send it to the winner). Funny thing, though... are those black buttons. They are PINK!! I glued black paper on them, dried, poked the holes through, then sanded the sides. But, in the close-up you can still see some pink! oops!



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Stephanie said...

awww. hugs to grandpa... hope he is doing well today. Your card is great, great idea to cover up the buttons~

Ilina Crouse said...

Great card. I hope your grandpa is doing better. Hugs

Angie Williams said...

Looksa great! Perfect masculine get well!

Anonymous said...

Hoping grandpa is hooing along with his new bypass!!!! Covering up those buttons to give them new life is a great trick!