Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's for the kids

Today is the kid's Valentine's party at school. I had to make cards for both kids classes. I really needed it to be cheap!

I used a bunch of red cs that is double sided with a lighter red paisley image on the other side.

I used Okie's lollipop holder.

I cut white squares (2 1/2 inches) and glued them on.

Then, I cut out all the hearts on the same paper. On Emma's I used the paisley side up and on Jake's I kept it as the solid red. I put the names on the white cs.

Finally, I inserted Dum Dum lollipops (little and inexpensive) into all of them.

Ta Da!


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Jaspere said...

These are so cute. You know the kids will love them. I'm so excited that I finally finished the valentine's class activity pages last night.

Stephanie said...

Very,very cute, I miss the days when my kids were young..(I didn't do this then).

Angie Williams said...

very simple quick cute idea! I gotta remember these quick ones for next year!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

what a fabulous idea for your daughters very sweet! *~*

Melanie said...

super cute, great idea

angela said...

Those are super cute! Where's mine???

Anonymous said...

Brilliant...You are such a good mum! Don't think I will be showing my own kids anything like this! Glad they are adults now or they would be thinking they missed out on something!

Anonymous said...

Very clever sweetheart!

Hope you're feelin' better soon!

Carmen said...

Very cute! I am sure the kids loved them!