Friday, March 27, 2009

Camp Out

Last week (the week of death, as I call it)... I was still recovering from being super sick... Terry set up a tent that jake got for his 4th birthday from some good friends and the kids went "camping"... well, Jake went camping. Emma stayed for a couple of hours (she had to eat the popcorn and climb in and out of the holes on the sides 10,000 times), and then came and said, I go bed now!



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Stephanie said...

too fun!!!

Angie Williams said...

So cute! Hope you are feeling better!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

this is the cutest picture! I want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments...I have something for you on my blog! hugs *~*

specialcraftmom4 said...

Oh how sweet is this (: Sometimes my four children will "camp out" in one room together in sleeping bags (: Very sweet, thanks for sharing!

Carmen said...

Aww too fun! Hope you are feeling better!