Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Back!!! (and Not in a scary way :-)!)

This was my ONLY goal this weekend... to post a blog! And, maybe, just maybe if I can hit publish by midnight tonight, I'll have done it!

What a crazy couple of weeks. We are all now on the mend. I may still have to sporadically blog and post as my time is still more limited now than I would like, but I have at least 3 projects to post about (including this one)... so, if I space them out... maybe you just won't notice??

Just be patient and keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

My mom had some friends in her church Sunday School class recently that were under the weather (who hasn't been??)... and wanted to send them a cheery card. These cards came in the kit that Lisa bought me for Christmas. Which is what I needed with the LOOOONG break in stamping/cardmaking (and right after taking care of 1 sick kid, in the middle of taking care of the other and right before getting sick myself!). I changed things up a bit but the love the bright mix of CTMH Garden Green, Hollyhock, and Sunflower.


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Angie Williams said...

What a cheery card! It is sure to make the recipients feel better!

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Those cards are definitely cheery! Want to send me one??? Great job!