Monday, August 30, 2010

Pretty packaging

I won't tell you the reason "why" but my dd earned the right to take her teachers homemade chocolate chip cookies. Now, I'm a working mom and while my kids get treats throughout the year, we don't do a lot of baking except for birthdays and holidays. I'm a big believer in letting them help me and eat the batter. But, there just isn't a lot of time. Since this was a pretty special occasion, I pulled out the "Santa" cookie recipe and away we went. Of course, the packaging needed to be perfect so apparently I turned into Martha Stewart, ha! They did turn out cute though! Yea for the cricut and lots of cute paper!



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Jaspere said...

These look awesome. You did a great job with the packaging too. I know they loved them.

Susan said...

Lucky teachers!! These are gorgeous!!

Michelle Forrest said...

These are so cute! Watch out Martha, Kristin is in da house! ((Hugs))