Friday, July 29, 2011

Ad Sense= "Sonic" thank you! :)

If you've had any (and I do mean *any*) experience with the gals (and guy) on the PTI forum you know how incredibly gracious and generous they are with everything!

I do not own the PTI set Ad Sense (or die), but my wonderful receptionist regularly brings me Sonic drinks (cherry Dr. Pepper!) "just because"... yes, she knows HOW MUCH I VALUE HER!! :)

So, I had to give her a proper Thank you!!

I've always thought the die cut image- when stamped- was so similar to the Sonic sign.

So, I asked on the Forum if anyone would mind stamping off a couple in PTI Pure Poppy for me and Cari (see her blog here) was so sweet to offer.  What perfect stamping, yes??!!

Then, I stamped the Thank You in Fresh Alphabet and did the rest with ribbon and cardstock layering.

She LOVED it!!




Leigh said...

Super cool! What a great card!

Sara Mac said...

What a great idea. I'm sure your receptionist loved it. Yes, the forum is such a generous place. Love it!

Gina said...

Why, yes, I have had such an experience in the PTI forum! ;) So glad to see someone helped you out! What a great card!!!

Debbie Gaydos said...

Oh, so cute and clever! What a sweet card!

Lee Anne said...

It does look like the Sonic sign. What a perfect card for your thank you!

Sandy Kay said...

That's the first thing I thought when I saw that set - looks like Sonic - great way to thank your receptionist - very appropriate!

christy compton hall said...

Very cool idea! I love this look - it looks just like the logo!

Michelle said... takeaway from this card: there are CHERRY DR. PEPPERs at SONIC?? WHAT?? I am so going to get me one tomorrow at happy hour...I had no idea. This card is a perfect perfect idea for her for the thanks...just a perfect representation!

Jen Carter said...

You are so right!! This is the perfect thank you for Sonic drinks! What a sweet receptionist you have!!