Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amber Ink Project 3

Welcome again to another Amber Ink crafting project.  One more time I am breaking away from traditional card making because I like showcasing what this company's products can bring to your crafting "table"... Again with the iPaper because I love it so!

Halloween is just around the corner and we all need to add a little "creepy, crawly" flourish- even to our craft area.  Here, I downloaded and printed their Spider Polkadots-Candy Corn Tiny (so cute!) iPaper and put my cricut to work again cutting out a picture frame.  The iPaper was the base, black cardstock for the web and white cardstock for the back and "foot" to make it stand up. 

While this is an older picture, I do love it.  I don't mind having non-traditional pictures (like this of my daughter looking down) because I remember the moment.  They were both giggling so hard they couldn't make a straight face.  My kids (being a scrapbooking mom) know I like at least 1 "good" picture and they both were trying (even tho my dd was only 2) and no matter what they did they just had the giggles.  Such good memories!

Take a look through some of Amber Ink's paper and stamps and see what you find that sparks a memory of you growing up with your family or your kids today.  It'll be worth it!




Pam said...

Another great project Kristin! I love how you experiment w/ipaper - it's what we always wanted ;) Such a perfect choice for a photo frame of your two little munchkins and this adorable pumpkin shot!

Kelly said...

So sweet! I really need to dust off my cricut and use it more. Thanks for the inspiration!