Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Go here... NOW!

So, it's Tuesday night as I write this and I was going to read some of my SCS #3 blogs (howdy girls!), and thought I'd start at the bottom of the alphabet and work up (I have been starting at the top... lotsa love there, little by the end).

But, on my Feed list I started at Tori Wild's blog. Have you found her yet??

NO???? Oh my... go HERE now!!! (just come back!)

Wow, isn't she awesome? Love her stuff... sign up for her blog!

Okay, I'll have to leave some kind comments for my blogging sisters tomorrow night, sorry gals! (yep, I'm from TX... thought those of you in Australia and Canada would get a kick out of my accent in my post) hehe



1 comment:

Tori Wild said...

Awww--- I just found this link and wanted to comment to tell you thanks so much!! :) Your kids are just DOLLS!! I'm off to go check out your blog too!