Monday, November 24, 2008

RAK cards

I joined the RAK group over at SCS and was made an official member on 11/12. I knew (from reading the forum) that I would be getting some "welcome" cards... I just had no idea how awesome it would be to open them.

I *knew* they would be beautiful.
I *knew* I would post them to the blog.

But, I really didn't know how great it would be to see the envelope and *know* it was a card for me. I make cards for everyone now. Husband, children, parents, best friends, other friends, etc. But to get these cards meant a lot. I knew how much of a labor of love they were... so I could fully appreciate them.

Thanks girls!




Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

welcome to the is soooo fun to get mail, thats why I luv to send cards...I enjoy making other peoples day! *~*

Tina said...

Congrats on joining a Rak, they are lots of fun. You are right the cards are adorable.

Carmen said...

Sounds like a fun group! These cards are super! I just love geting fun mail!!