Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another Birthday girl

This morning we attended a birthday party for some new friends! They have a boy the same age as Jake and a girl the same age as Emma.
We really have bonded quickly in the short time we have known them, so I wanted to make a cute and special card for the birthday girl.
I used Capedia's castle on my cricut and design studio- it's Paper Dolls and Jasmine carts.
Then, I stamped with CTMH Hydrangea and used purple stickles on the inside. I colored the castle with embossing pens.

The boys had fun on the John Deere tractor- they drove all over the place and had a blast. It is so nice to have a boy for Jake to play with that is close by AND so sweet too.

I think the girls will play more as they get older (they are both only 2). However, they each follow their older brothers around wanting to do whatever "he" is doing!


Carmen said...

Very cute!! I loved shaped cards and always forget todo them. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Melissa said...

That Castle is fab!! How big is it? How did you cut that out with your cricut? you must have a the 24 inch mat??

The kids are adorable.

Melissa Dahan
scs blogger 3 sister.

Jennie said...

Very cute card...and so creative! It is so sweet your children have made some new friends...friends are a blessing from the Lord regardless of age.

Anonymous said...

The castle is wonderful. Every little boy I know would love one just like that! I do hope he treasured it.

I love cards which are different from the standard!

(Qld, Australia)
SCS Blogger 3

Angie Williams said...

Great card! Looks like you had some fun!