Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Preserving Memories for the Next Generation...

Happy Independence Day!!

The pictures above are my mom when she was a baby to her 1st birthday.  SHE is a July 4th baby! :) I always told her that having that birthday totally skewed her perception (and therefore mine, and now *my own* children) of what normal people do for their birthdays!! Her picture was in her local paper when she was about 7 or so and she got fireworks *on her birthday* every year.  ;)

This year marks the 2nd time to celebrate July 4th without her.

We choose to celebrate her life.  One way, I want to do that for my children is to preserve *her* childhood memories for them.  Imagine my surprise when I was ready to begin the task and I discovered that my grandmommy (mom's mom) was a bit of a scrapbooker herself.  I mean, mom was the 2nd child and there was a picture of my mom for almost every month of her first year on the first two pages!! All together! She grouped together mom's 2 closest friends from when they were little till they were about 5-6 years (so cute!).  WOW!  What a discovery.  I am trying to preserve not only this marvelous discovery, but also trying to incorporate my grandmommy's handwriting.

I am looking forward to continuing on in this journey for my kids and myself... and to discover what other treasures I might find!




Kim said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate both your mom's birthday and memory and the 4th of July holiday. Fabulous pictures too, I always love pulling out the old photos and remembering those days. Your children will be so happy when they are older to have these scrapbooks, such a wonderful treasure.

Renee said...

What a fabulous gift!!
And how wonderful to have all these photos to share with future generations...
your mom would be so proud!
And your kids will treasure these someday! :)

Sara Mac said...

What a wonderful treasure! You (and your children) are blessed to have all these photos. So special!

Suzanne D. said...

What a beautiful tribute, Kristin. Your kids are going to be thrilled to have these amazing gifts someday. You are so thoughtful.