Saturday, July 21, 2012

SAF Card Set

Truth be told, I had picked Jess's challenge before she came over to our "camp site" on Sat... but of course after meeting her I *had* to pick her challenge after! :)

Seriously though, her pictures did not let on how detailed and awesome this little card set was going to be in the end.

I changed the color scheme: Berry Sorbet, Pink (SU), and Dark Chocolate... but did just about everything else.  I am a terrible sewer (and ended up not having large enough glassine bags so resorted to the clear glossy bags I did have) so the xyron'd butterfly idea saved me from terrible looking stitches on the inside and outside where I attached the ribbon!




Gina said...

Oh...pretty!!!!! Very, very pretty!

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

This is such a cute card kit set! This would make an awesome gift. I'll have to remember this idea when I need a quick gift!

joy said...

This is so VERY nice! Love that dot ribbon! You make me want to do this challenge!

sanketi said...

Lovely set !

christy compton hall said...

It's beautiful! How lucky to get such a special visitor for SAF too! There are so many details here - I love it.