Saturday, July 21, 2012

SAF lunch & snacks

Around here we did something a bit "non traditional"... a PINTEREST party lunch!  Have you attended a pinterest party yet?  No?  Well, now you know you should plan one and invite some friends over!

Everyone is bringing a lunch item they "pinned"... hopefully something they have wanted to try.  :)  There were no rules, so if we ended up with ALL desserts, so be it! HA! (just no one tell our kids!)

Here are the 2 recipes that I am serving... (both pinned from their original sources)

Also, our snacks are sweet, salty, and/or healthy!  Bring 2  (1 of each of your choice) and it adds to our variety.

We are eating GOOD today! :)




Gina said...

Lunch looks yummy!! I keep wondering what all is going on and how much y'all are laughing and sharing and making! I'll email you later about the fiasco that my husband's day has turned into!! Oy. Makes me glad I was at home with the other three kids.

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

I've tried the crock pot potatoes before and they are so great! I think I may make some this week now. The chicken salad sandwich on croissant looks so yummy!

joy said...

Kristin, this was such a treat! -- Ha, I know I gained weight!! You were so sweet to host us!

scootingranny said...

You didn't post a picture of those FABULOUS craq cookies!!! I made some yesterday as we had family come in for the weekend and they were gone in no time!!