Sunday, August 24, 2008

"No Sea of Humanity...

... He sees you."

This weekend I attended Women of Faith with a bunch of women from my church (and their moms, and their friends). These are not any women, but they are friends. These are the women who brought us food after Emma was born, cried with me when I had to go back to work after maternity leave was over, the women whose children are friends with my children, the women who encouraged me, prayed for me, and have celebrated with me as I left to start a private practice with Lisa. And, hopefully, they know how much they inspire me, uplift me, and challenge me.

As *some* of you may know, I am not the easiest person to get along with... (we'll just leave it at that), but I can be funny, witty, and am always a loyal friend. I love God. And so do they. With all their hearts, with all their minds, with all their lives- through and through. I so enjoy the time I spend with them (even though it isn't much).

During the weekend, I had a renewed perspective of who our God truly is... there were thousands of women in the American Airlines Center (haven't a clue as to how many), but it was a massive amount of women!! At one point, Natalie Grant- great singer- said "When God looks down at the earth there is no sea of humanity, He sees you"...

Now that is personal! At one point in the weekend, a friend and I were in another part of the arena looking to see if the rest of the group was getting up to leave... even though we KNEW where they were sitting, we couldn't see them (and she even has GREAT vision!!- I do not! ha).

But He sees you- where you are, what you are doing, loving you. Not from a distance, but up close and personal.

I know this veers WAY off of what I usually post, and thanks for reading all the way down, there will be more stamping stuff another day, but this was the most important thing for me to share today.


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