Saturday, August 16, 2008

A sick girl

Well, Emma's been sick now for over a week. First time in almost 9 months (maybe longer) that Terry and I had to do sick days for her. She had a low-grade fever and beginning of a cold last weekend, and by Wed had a 103 temp that even went to 104 early Thursday AM.

Took her in to see my old ENT boss and she had a bad ear infection (again!). But, she is apparently allergic to that antibiotic... woke up this AM with a rash on her tummy that is spreading!!

Just talked to him and if some benadryl doesn't start helping we'll be off to Cook's for them to have a look at her... what a weekend!

So, we're praying for a good nap and some help with the benadryl. We'd hoped to go out to dinner with friends tonight for a birthday celebration (already posted the card I'm giving)... but now we're not sure.

Okay, enough of that!! Be back tomorrow with one of my favorite cards ever!


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