Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As promised!

Well, here are the "boy" cards as promised...
The party is Veggie Tales, so I HAD to have Bob & Larry wish the boys a Happy Birthday. But, boys really aren't as impressed or wowed by pretty, frilly cards like girls- so I wanted them to be simple.
I used a .cut design from (I think) Capadia Designs -a blogger I found off the cricut website. I turned out great (but need the Design studio software). Then, just basic stickers and a Happy Bday stamp inside.

The 2nd boy needed Larry (right?!), but a pickle is signficantly longer than a tomato (or hadn't you noticed)... so the outside showed 2 cupcakes (guess the age) and his name in stickers...
but open it up and...
Heeeerrrrrreeee's Larry!
For the 3rd boy in this group, I used a dinosaur image from Paper Dolls (BEST cartridge out there!!), colored with markers and watercolor pencils and then cut out. then, used a sponge to dab (dauber used here) CTMH breeze color for sky and a Cat Eye Chesnut brown for the ground/dirt (then used a pen to put in more accents)... again, simple stickers.

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