Sunday, May 4, 2008

How'd you do that??

How'd I do that???

Thought I'd show some pics of the cards yesterday for how I put them together. First, I used the cricut to cut out scallop circles and regular circles. I found 1 stamp I liked and stamped in a matching color. Then, I did the sentiments (Thinking of You, Happy Birthday, etc) and embossed them. Glued the circle to the scallop. Next, the fun part...

I used pop dots (adhesive) on the back of the scallop to the notecard (NOT the color coordinating backing that matched the scallop).

Finally, I got a pp (printed paper) strip that matched the solid color and made a "band" out of it (just remember, the notecard slides OUT from it, so tape it together on the back and then to the "backing" card only).

So, I did that 6 times (actually 12- since there are 2 teachers!). Then, I got a coordinating stamp for the INSIDE of the card (on the bottom left)- like "here's a hug" got a cute bird hugging himself on the inside, but the "thinking of you" got a simple flourish.

Last, but NEVER least... I stamped that same image (or a good matching one) to the OUTSIDE lower left corner of the matching envelope.
I plan on tying them up in cute ribbon with 2 tags- one from me and one from Jake or Emma.


Anonymous said...

Love the cards, I can't believe you have already found time to get all that done and post it all. Geeze I have been exhausted since our weekend adventure.

Robyn said...

Very cute!! Great job with the challenge and great tutorial!