Sunday, May 25, 2008

boy scrapbook pages...

Happy (almost) Memorial Day everyone!

I finally uploaded some pics this morning and realized I had taken some pics of Jake's recent scrapbook pages. I no longer feel like I have to "catch up" on anyone's book, whoohoo!! I plan on working on his Christmas 2007 pages this weekend and then the Disney pics I'll do AFTER I go to the Great American Scrapbook Convention next week here in Arlington (I'm going to a Disney class). Then, I can put that book downstairs with the others and keep up with his and Emma's as different events happen (I've already done all the lo's in the current book for him except soccer- it just finished yesterday- praise God!). Soccer for 4 yo is not a fun experience... at least for ours. Jake is WAY smaller than other kids so he doesn't run as fast, nor does he have an aggressive personality. Plus, our coach was there may 50% of the time and never had control of the kids, so NO fun for anyone. We're doing swim lessons this summer and MAYBE t-ball in the fall. If that is also not fun, then nothing for us till he says, "I want to do (fill in the blank)".

So, here's his October/Pumpkin/Halloween lo (sorry for the glare)...

... some of these supplies are thanks to my friend, Jaime (she has TWO boys!)... she got me some denim looking paper at Joann's and then gave me those 2 metal frames (that are kinda like brads). I crumpled up the paper and smoothed it out a bit, then used CTMH daisy white ink and lightly rubbed it over the paper and blended it. I think it looks pretty cool and rugged... I also used Cricut Paper Dolls for the "horn o' plenty" and used watercolors to color the fruit. I like sanding his picture edges sometimes, looks more boyish than just 'antiquing' them like I do most of the time.

And here's the Polar Express lo (Grapevine has a train station that we did Thomas at, our 1st
train ride in the Stockyards, and then Polar Express...)
for this one I used the daisy white ink (again!) with a stiff brush and used it to create a softer look on all the paper edges (think snow). Then, I used a white gel pen and tried to create the look of stitching between the papers. Used CTMH train stamp and used watercolors for the bright lights (at night). Used cricut design studio to weld George and Jasmine letters together ...P & E are George and the rest of the letters are from Jasmine.

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