Saturday, May 10, 2008

How'd you do that??

My friend, Lisa, and I love to scrap and stamp, but she doesn't think she knows very many techniques. Well, since she ALSO has the Big Pinks from CTMH that I used in my Daisy Dukes lo (see last post), I thought I'd show another technique. If you look closely as those flowers, they have a color on the edges. If I can get my video to upload (and it's my first, so be kind (no rewinding necessary-ha) and too long and a little fuzzy, but if you like it, I'll do more).

So, how'd I do that?

(so leave a comment on whether or not youu like the video)




Lisa said...

Yes, I wanted to know this technique!!!The video was clear, but your audio faded when you had to use both hands...(I suspected another set of hands would be convenient but then you might look like a scrapping momma alien)!
So I will need to get a clarification! I love the m day cards you made. Happy scrapping!- Lisa :)

Robyn said...

Very nice!!! Your first video, I'm so proud!! Great job!! I can't wait to see more!