Friday, May 16, 2008

Long Week

so this week has been FAR too long!! I had intended on finally writing about the Stacy Julian Photo Freedom book today, but considering Emma cried non stop for HOURS, that didn't happen. So, just a vent about independent kids here... Jake, is NOT. Emma is independence personafied! She wants to climb into the van, into the carseat, buckle herself in, walk in the parking lot with out holding a hand, etc. Of course, she's shorter than most 12 month olds, so all that becomes that much MORE difficult and we have to hear about it!

But, oh yea, she's MY daughter, right?? So, I'm trying hard not to break her spirit, but let her know I am in charge. What works FOR us, is that I become that much MORE stubborn when she gets stubborn. Yikes when she's a teen, huh?? I knew that Jake was more or less an easy child... Terry and I talked about it at great lengths many times before Emma came along. And, even though he went through those awful 3's (2's are NOTHING, people), WOW, she's got him beat by a mile at only 19 months.

Alrighty, so tomorrow, my friend Lisa is coming over to scrapbook and play and I'll get some cards and layouts posted that I've been working on.



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