Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well, yesterday we all went down to Cleburne Nat'l Park to meet up with our Young Married's SS class. It was a GREAT park! We had a new tent that was referred to the Robbins' Mansion on more than one occasion (hehe). And while it took 3 guys to get it up (although, YES, I believe Terry could have done it all alone), it was AWESOME. Plenty of room for our stuff (including the old people cots we have- can NOT stand air mattresses anymore- they just deflate), the kids, the kids' stuff, etc. We could stand up, it had "holders" for our stuff.

We saw a couple of raccoons up close and personal and 1 squirrel who was perfectly willing to let me take his picture!! Most of us had kids, so they played, plus there was a great playground on the other side of a bridge- that was nice. Even Emma was able to get over there and play hard!

When the sun went down we became the "Next Gen" campers... we set up a projection screen and watched Bee Movie with all the kids (NO, I am NOT kidding!!). All the adults sat in the back and talked, roasted marshmellows, ate s'mores (or gave them to the kids), and didn't have to worry at all about them running around in the dark (perfect!, thanks John G.!).

This morning, we all brought our own breakfasts so we shared (especially since Angela's family had their food eaten be the aforementioned raccoons!). We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, breakfast burritos (yummy!). We skipped out on Jake's soccer game (but did give him the choice) and just let everyone have fun (except for the 50 degree COLD and windy weather).

At least both kids were sacked out by 7 pm tonight!


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