Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthday #3

Hi all! Well, I actually scrapped Jake AND Emma's 4th pages (yesterday! yes, ON the 4th!)! It only took me about 2 hours total (and that's because I did something extra with Emma's page AND that includes selecting and printing the photos I would use). I will post the pics of the pages tomorrow.

Today, though, is Birthday #3!! Our best friends' daughter turns 4 this month and also loves all things princess (and barbie, and mickey, and, well she's a girl!). So, I used the cricut .cut file for the castle (made by Capedia) again, but did a bit more this time (and didn't use such a light color of pink!). I knew for Abby's card I wanted more glitz and bling, but couldn't figure out what I wanted... so, now I know for future princess cards!

So, I did the exact same thing as last time with the white gel pen on the flags, but this time I took my purple gel pen and made some "scribblies" (no, it is NOT a word, I know) and then poured some of my Doodlebug Sugar Glitter on top while wet and TADA!! More bling!
So cute!
Now, shhh, don't tell b/c her birthday's not until mid-July!

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