Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthdays, birthdays, everywhere Birthdays!!

July is SO our month of birthdays for both families and friends (do y'all have a month like that?... every day or every week, someone is having a birthday!)...

July's events start off strong on the 4th- My Mom's up first. Her birthday really is on the 4th- neat day to have a birthday, but it does get lost a bit with parades and fireworks, then it's Terry's mom's day, then a couple of friends, our best friends' daughter (6 months younger than Jake), niece on my side, then finally, my stepmother- WHEW! A lot of birthdays!!

Good thing I started making cards, right? HA!

Anyway, I've got some cards made up and hope to scan them and get some things posted tonight or tomorrow (kinda depends on other "stuff")

Hope you enjoy!


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