Saturday, July 19, 2008

Houston, we have a problem...

So, I should finish up the card for July birthday #6 tonight and get it posted (#5 will show up on Tuesday and #6 will show up next Saturday). I will then be done with July birthdays!

Then, I have Terry's bday card to make for August 5th... and then a "dry spell" so to speak of needed cards.

So, here's my problem, I want to make cards but don't have any occasions or people to give them to... now, Terry has asked for a 'tennis-themed' Thank you card for a woman at work (she gave us a racket that is Jake-sized), but I have no TENNIS anything.

Do you have any ideas for me??

This does mean I am going to start pulling out some ideas for scrapping, but still card-making is very refresing b/c it's techniques I don't use on pages and I finish quickly.

Post your comments below.



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