Thursday, October 2, 2008

The best story...

Tonight, after bath I was swaying Emma (my daughter who'll be 2 next week!!) and singing her the "night-night" songs (routine I started about 2 or 3 weeks ago b/c she was had become so awful about going to bed).

Now, I don't sing the normal nighttime-type songs for little kids. Never remember the words, or think they're awful (who wants to sing about the baby falling out of the cradle AND the tree!). So, these are songs that I sang in church youth group (like TWENTY years ago- yes, that IS how old I am!!). That was when the chorus songs became popular (as opposed to Hymns which were popular before then and worship music which is popular now).

So, as I am singing and swaying, Emma starts to sing some of the words with me!! (that's what she does when she sings Row, Row, Row your boat!). So great! Mother and daughter singing songs to Jesus.

That is a moment I'll remember- and if possible scrapbook (not sure *how* yet, but any suggestions would be great!).

Thanks for letting me share!


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