Sunday, October 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Teacher!

So, if all goes well, I'll have a few posts for ya'll to read over the next several days. Apparently, last week was the "week of lost mo-jo" in blog land. Lots of us out here that love to create, just couldn't or wouldn't... mine was a bit of both. But, after a little FREE time (don't ask to explain, happens so rarely, I'm not sure I'll experience it again soon!), and a few projects created... I've been crafting again. In fact, if I can get everything done today that I want too, I'll have 4 to 5 scrapbook pages complete too! (but that is sooooo pushing it)
Anyway, as you can see these are the notecards I am doing for the kids' teacher Christmas gifts. Since my mom was a teacher forever, I know what NOT to get/give. I created 5 notecards, monogrammed and embossed.
I used Capedia's adjustable circle scallop on my CDS, Oriental Trading monogram stamp, clear embossing powder, CTMH vineyard berry ink and organdy ribbon, Threading water punch, and paper I got at J's forever ago (the kind you hoard and never use....).

I mass produced by doing all the cutting, stamping, and embossing. Cut strips of the plaid/argyle paper, and the punched the bottom. Included envelopes and tied it all together.
If anyone out there knows how to get my embossing to look "better" give me a shout!


janette said...

OMG these are absolutely super cute. What a thoughtful gift!!! THe kids' teachers are gonna love them.

Tina said...

Elegant! Is the firt word that came to my mind very Elegant!