Friday, October 10, 2008

Who knew?

Right now, Emma's napping away and I logged onto one of the stamping sites I love to visit. There was a thread about how to "fold cards correctly"... curious, to say the least, I went in and read it.

The question was: After scoring a card, do you fold it with the scored part on the inside or outside?

I have always folded it with the score on the inside, but I am WRONG to do so *gasp*... (hehe).

Here why:

"The scored valley always goes on the outside. The whole purpose of scoring prior to folding, is to break the paper fibers uniformly (in a straight line) so that when you fold, you're not left with cracks in the card stock along the fold line due to the paper fibers breaking haphazardly."

So, I just did it with the score on the outside and WOW- I am convinced. For you cardmakers out there, try this- it works!

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