Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

Today is the 2nd birthday of my baby. My last child. We decided we’d only have 2 kids, and are very happy with that decision, but knowing I no longer have a baby is a little sad. I now have a toddler and preschooler. The advantages are obvious and include being able to converse with both kids about their behavior, being in pain/sick, and of course, we see the light at the end of the tunnel on this “diaper situation.” The disadvantages are much more subtle, but I am still aware of them. The baby smell, the “tinyness” of that little person curled up in the crook of your neck (without legs dangling down below your waist!), and the end of all the *firsts*- smiling, laughing, words, sitting, crawling, standing, and walking.

Our pastor has 3 grown young men. He once spoke about how he and his wife chose to enjoy each stage and not try to anticipate the next one or grieve the last one. Smart man. When I think of not having that baby anymore, I am sad. But when I see the joy my kids get in running around with each other outside before dinner, or hear them laughing and playing in one of their rooms on a Saturday morning, I am so at peace. Right now they like each other quite a lot and yet I know those days of “dislike” are just around the corner- and I am NOT ready for it!

So, again, today is her 2nd birthday. She is a precious girl. She is so much like me, I feel kind of bad for her (lol). But, at least she will grow up knowing what she wants out of life and hopefully, will think to ask her mom how best to achieve that without stepping on too many toes!

I made this cute little card, using a little girl image I saw on the ‘net while surfing one day. I colored her with watercolor pencils and a blender and a CTMH Hollyhock marker. I used PTI chocolate cs and chocolate remix pp (that I colored a bit on some of the butterflies). I also used PTI chocolate ribbon, random flower, and a cute brad I got at the Queen and co. vendor at GASC in June. Last, I used a bit of stickles on the girls’ wings.


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janette said...

OMG!!! First, Happy Birthday Emma!!

Secondly, I am so happysad for you. It is certainly bittersweet to watch your babies get bigger and stop needing you so much. My protege, Ella, is so independent and loves it. She is fearless and and it kills me. I miss my baby. MY FIRST,but the now is fun too.
GOd is awesome!