Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Kids part 2!

So, I want to be posting more, but haven't been able to do so. In fact, my life is so crazy right now I ended up missing a friend's baby shower tonight (sorry, Angela!!). Read your email... I have sent you something.

I am going to blog some tonight and have scheduled posts over the next several days (so, don't think I am doing all of this each day-haha).

Anyway, I downloaded my current camera pics and found some Happy Kids photos! Last Thursday evening some old friends, the Raders, came through on their way to a wedding in Austin. Last summer they moved back to OK and then she had baby Eli in September. We have really missed them- they have 3 girls that Jake LOVED to play with and we really got along with BOTH of them. You know how that is, right? One of you gets along with one of them (i.e. the 2 wives, or 2 hubbys), but not all 4 of you enjoys the hanging out time.

So, here are all the kids...

Aren't they HAPPY!! They just picked right up where they left off last July.
MISS you Raders!!

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raders said...

We miss you guys, too! It was lots of fun seeing you. Thanks for the burgers! The kids are talking about Jake. They can't wait to come play again. We look forward to seeing you this fall.

Keep up the blogs! :-)